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She is more concerned about his well-being and questions him to see if he has eaten anything. She is an enigma who shows characteristics that might be contrasting on the outside and to everyone else.

Luella Bates Washington Jones and Roger. Roger, the child in the story, attempts to snatch her handbag, she ends up being the more lively and faster one of the two of them, which was extremely unexpected. Jones's actions for no reason other than the fact that it is the right thing to do.

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But, in the world we live in today, these acts are rare to come by. Jones with more than the ten dollars she gave him to buy the shoes, he leaves with a better understanding about how to trust and treat people. Such is the power of love in gentle mind, that it can alter all the course of kind.

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Jones takes Roger back to her room, he does not steal from her even though he easily could when she turns her back on him.

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Narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator the reader realises after reading the story that Hughes may be exploring the theme of kindness.

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Which is understandable considering that what is happening him may be considered unique. At all stages of the story she thinks of Roger in a good light. Close Join the mailing list. Welcome to the online mailing list for David Roberts Art Foundation. Sign up to receive updates about forthcoming shows, events and.

Thank You, M'am by Langston Hughes serves as a guide to young adults. In writing a persuasive essay about it, the writer must convince the reader that a particular point of view is the best and. In Thank You, M’am by Langston Hughes we have the theme of kindness, dignity, trust, forgiveness and choice.

Narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator the reader realises after reading the story that Hughes may be exploring the theme of kindness. ”Thank you Ma’m” by Langston Hughes Essay Sample ‘Thank you Ma’m’ is a short story written by a male African-American writer, Langston Hughes, around ’s where the.

Literary Analysis Essay of Langston Hughes ‘Thank You Ma’am’ Langston Hughes short story entitled ‘Thank You Ma’am’ is a unique piece that examines the interaction between Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones and Roger.


Jan 01,  · Essay on Langston Hughes’ “Thank You, M’am” Saying Thank You Most young people can benefit from having a trusting relationship with an older person In the story “ Thank You, Ma’am,” by Langston Hughes, a young man named Roger tries to steal a woman’s purse.

Thank you mam by langston hughes essay
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